Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Life comes at us fast. It can be unforgiving, impatient, and demanding. It can tear you down, wear you out, and chip away at us until whats left is this mess we call "ourselves." I've learned life is what happens when you are in bed sleeping until 12 in the afternoon on a Saturday. It slips you by and robbs you of time before you even have a chance to take a grip of reality and take hold of the very thing that is happening right before your eyes. Life- something we crave control of, but have absolutely no say in. That is life. Its living that is the hard part to come to terms with. Life is going to pass by whether you choose to take part or not. 

I am a firm believer that we choose our happiness. I believe we do have a choice to take part in living and develop that zest for life we read about in the "self help" books on the best seller's shelf placed in the front of Barnes and Nobles. You have to be happy with who you are, and yourself before you can start truly living and enjoy life. This world we live in is full of pain and heartache, but just on the other side of the negativity and hurt feelings is a blessing. It is growth and wisdom and a continuous journey that brings you closer and closer to the finishline of a well lived life. A life consumed with blessings, challenges, happiness, and love. Life is what you make it. But only you can decide how your deck of cards will be played out. Only you can decide to live.

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